Bonus: Food


Since I skipped a week with the blogging, I thought I’d cheat make it up with a bonus “What I Have in My Kitchen” post. Inspired by this fantastic photo collection, here’s my month’s worth of groceries, because I’m too lazy to go shopping every week:

Here we see some carbs in the form of beans, potatoes, bread, rice and pita pockets. In the back are the beverages: drinkable yogurt for those “I was supposed to have gotten up an hour ago” mornings, something that I thought was orange juice but turned out to be “Tampico Punch”, Manzanilla tea and some delicious $4 USD wine from Lunahuná, which is probably going to be gone after the ordeal of next week’s controles.

Fully taking advantage of the wide selection of produce here in Perú, we see to the center/right some grapes, mangos, aguaymantos, avocados and beets, along with the uncooked version of my (left) Pot O’ Potatoes.

Add to that the miscellaneous goods – cookies, honey, pollen (hey, it’s supposed to be good for you!), cooking oil, garlic, salt, pepper and CHEESE – and it’s a wonder that I have room in my fridge.


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