Clases y baile

This week is the first of the new semester here at PUCP. Already the atmosphere has changed: there are hundreds of students milling about, enjoying the sun, strolling to class and, most unfortunately, waiting in line at the copiadora to make copies of all the required texts. Yes, ‘copies’. Professors generally don’t teach from one textbook. Rather, you’re given a bibliography of suggested/required readings, and are expected to find the book, copy the specific passages, then return it to the library for someone else to rinse and repeat.

While I admit to being pleased at the savings –the equivalent of two months’ rent—I’m still quite preoccupied with actually obtaining the texts. Some are checked out, others are too long to legally copy, and the worst are those that are M.I.A.! Once I’ve got my schedule approved next week, I’ll be spending an awful lot of my weekends tracking down the readings!

Speaking of weekends, this past Saturday was my first spent in Lima…and it certainly didn’t disappoint. A lovely afternoon of shopping was followed by a night of drinking and dancing in Miraflores. I tried pisco for the first time (picture a softer, sweeter vodka flavor) and was pleasantly surprised by the recipe for the popular pisco sour. Essentially, it’s a whiskey sour with more lime juice, more pisco, and no whiskey. I’ve determined to try my hand at making them next weekend…my WAC friends know how fun that should be!

On the subject of dancing, there’s not much to say that could do it justice. Imagine putting every Shakira video you’ve ever watched, a David Guetta concert, and chunks of “Dirty Dancing” into a blender, pressing ‘pulverize’, then sprinkling the lot with an extra dose of sensuality. Welcome to the Peruvian smoothie discoteca.


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