First Impressions

After arriving at the bustling Hugo Chavez airport, I met my amazing hostess, Olga, along with her siblings, Armando and Juana. Thankfully, I was spared the task of negotiating the taxi fare from the airport to my home (s/ 24), and now have an idea of how to go about doing it in the future.

Lima’s weather is rather warmer than that in Maryland (try going from 4.4C to 29.4C), but the beauty of its coastal setting is the ever-present breeze. In fact, writing this on the rooftop, I’m reminded of my family’s annual camping trips to Assateague.  De verdad, my new home is everything I could have pictured: bustling streets lined with colorful buildings, lush gardens housing cacti, orchids and flowering trees, as well as innumerable shops and restaurants. Although my lovely tour/shopping trip today seemed to take hours, it only covered a mere fraction of all that Lima has to offer; I can’t wait to see what else there is.

I’m realizing (rapidly) that my Spanish is at the “I’ll get by if I gesticulate wildly and nod” level. Already, I’ve picked up a few new words; hopefully, this rate of language acquisition will only improve, and I’ll be able to describe what a can opener is before I starve!

Tomorrow is the first day of my orientation at PUCP; I can expect a lecture on safety, a dreaded student ID photo-taking session and, of course, my first interaction with the new international students…how different to be on their (our) side of orientation for once!


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